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Educational Co-operation Foundation (ECF) is a non-profit legal entity entitled to provide public services. The Foundation has an efficient team of 4 members, and works closely with a large pool of experts in the field of secondary education, youth policies, curricular and extracurricular activities, vocational counseling for students, teachers’ training, coaching and mentoring.

ECF portfolio demonstrates significant experience both as a leading and partner organisation in a variety of projects and initiatives at national, regional, European, as well as international level. The foundation has recently introduced the coaching and mentoring approach among its activities. ECF has 2 certified coaches among its staff members and has introduced provision of individual and group coaching within their activities.

The Foundation operates in the context of the recent reforms in the educational system in Bulgaria based on adopted strategic documents such as: the National Youth Strategy /2010-2020/, Strategies to reduce the dropout rates in the educational system (2013 – 2020) etc.

Foundation’s quality management system includes wide publicity of its activities, elaboration of a feedback report based on personal assessment of each activity, monthly strategic and evaluation stuff meetings as well as involving wide range of local and national officials in its projects and activities.


Фондацията обявява свободни позиции за обучители за краткосрочни обучения за работа в мултикултурна образователна среда

Вижте доклад за мерки и програми, които развиват умения за справяне с многообразие и проблемно поведение в класната стая, по проект Inn2diversity

Обява за набиране на експерти

Спечели тридневно посещение на Брюксел и Европейския парламент през март 2020г.

Training of external inspectors of the National Inspectorate of Education

Първа партньорска среща по проект Inn2diversity