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Coaching is one of the most innovative and successful tools for achieving motivation and success. It is a process that aims to improve productivity and focus on the present.

There are different types of coaching, but our organization practices result-oriented coaching. We strive to support everyone to take the necessary steps to reach their goals and desired future – students and young people but also people who would like to change their careers or need help to make an important decision. Our team believes that everyone has the answers to their own questions and all they need is a bit of support to find them. We provide coaching in individual and group sessions, always focusing on our clients' goals.

As a result, our coachees achieve a clear vision and direction, gain confidence in the resources they have and clarity on the steps they need to take to achieve their goals.

Since February 2015, as a Leading Partner, ECF has begun implementation of an ERASMUS +2014 Project with a title: No AIM, no GAIN. It has developed and piloted a web-based platform www.noaimnogain.com using coaching techniques in working with young people aged 17 to 19 in order to support them in making an informed choice about their future professional development. The Project also provideed an efficient and innovative coaching methodology to career consultants to assist young people in bridging the gap between formal high-school education and future education and/or career development.

The project was awarded Certificate of excellence by the National agency (HRDC).


We held the final dissemination event of the Inn2Diversity project

Запитване за оферта

Visit the platform for learning Bulgarian and check out the resources of the Learn and play project

As part of the Inn2diversity project, we prepared an innovative profiling tool for the use of the mentoring programme

Final intellectual product of the Inn2diversity project

Inn2Diversity Project Team Training, Erasmus Plus Programme, 26-28 July, Lisbon