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За контакти:
Фондация „Образователно сътрудничество“ (ФОС)
ул. „Добруджа“ 1, ет.3
София 1000

Електронна поща: ecf@abv.bg

Анна Портарска – директор на фондацията
Христина Митовска – коуч и обучител

Ина Събева – координатор НПО проекти


As part of the Inn2Diversity project we piloted a mentoring programme

First dissemination event of the In2Diversity project, contract N 2019-1-UK01-KA201-062089, Erasmus+ Programme

Partner meeting in Helsinki, Finland, under the Erasmus+ project INN2DIVERSITY contract 2019-1UK01-KA201-062089

Training programme on diversity and managing disruptive behaviour in the classroom is ready

We successfully conducted a 3-day training for teachers under the Inn2Diversity project

Training of teachers from ,,Asen Zlatarov'' School, village of Gigen