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Vocational Orientation Program for students in 10-12th grade

The series of personal and vocational guidance workshops helps students in the last grades of their secondary education discover their strengths, gain confidence in the resources they have, and achieve a clear vision of the professional direction they would follow.

Young people can also use the free online vocational orientation resource, www.noaimnogain.com, created by an international team within the No Aim No Gain Gain project, funded by the Erasmus Plus program and maintained by ECF.


Спечели тридневно посещение на Брюксел и Европейския парламент през март 2020г.

Training of external inspectors of the National Inspectorate of Education

Първа партньорска среща по проект Inn2diversity

Deni Zlatanova for the Storytelling Camp I 2019

Mirella Vasileva shares what she have learned during the Storytelling Camp 2019

Second edition of Storytelling camp 2019