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Training of teachers from Municipal School "Lyuben Karavelov", Peshtera

Within the framework of the project "Teachers in Action", BG05M2OP001-3.017-0006, last weekend we held our first training on topic number 2: "Motivational techniques for building and maintaining intrinsic motivation" with the teachers of "Lyuben Karavelov" Municipal School, Peshtera.

In order to be as useful as possible, we used many practical techniques to shape the overall process of experiential learning. Teachers shared different stories from the classroom for which we tried to find future prevention solutions together.

We wish them success in all their endeavors!

Project information

Фондация „Образователно сътрудничество“ стартира проект „Учители в действие“, договор № BG05M2OP001-3.017-0006 по ОП НОИР.

Основната цел на проекта е повишаване на професионалните компетентности на 204 педагогически специалисти от 8...

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