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We continue the training for teachers under the project "Teachers in Action" with the Vocational School ,,Peyo Yavorov'', Gotse Delchev

Last weekend we held 2 trainings with the Vocational High School ,,Peyo Yavorov'', Gotse Delchev. Within the project we work with 8 partner schools, training their teachers on topics that support effective work in a multicultural environment.

We supported the work of teachers from the vocational school, training them to use coaching as a tool in the classroom. The three-day training was on topic number 3 - "Coaching and career guidance for students at risk of dropping out" within the project "Teachers in Action", BG05M2OP001-3.017-000. The training included both theory and practical tasks and search for ways to make coaching part of teachers' communication when working with students at risk of dropping out.

Project information

Фондация „Образователно сътрудничество“ стартира проект „Учители в действие“, договор № BG05M2OP001-3.017-0006 по ОП НОИР.

Основната цел на проекта е повишаване на професионалните компетентности на 204 педагогически специалисти от 8...

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