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Спечели тридневно посещение на Брюксел и Европейския парламент през март 2020г.

Would you like to win a three-day visit to Brussels and the European Parliament in March 2020! How? Join our game by completing 3 specific steps, each of which earns a certain number of points, with a minimum of 500 points for participation:

  1. Follow the EU Cohesion policy in Bulgaria - Vox Populi Facebook page and get 100 points.

  2. Share at least 5 different blog posts on the EU Cohesion Policy - Vox populi blog with the hashtag #VoxPopuliContest: https://vox-populi.prowly.com/releases/news Each #VoxPopuliContest hashtag shared article has 50 points for participation.

  3. Add and comment when sharing each article on Facebook and get an additional 70 points to participate.

And don't forget to add the #VoxPopuliContest hashtag to find your posts.

The game runs until 04/03/2020. Three of all participants will be selected and will depart for an exciting adventure in Brussels. Success!

You can find the full rules of the game here: http://bit.ly/voxpopulicontest

The EU Cohesion Policy in Bulgaria - Vox populi project is implemented jointly by United Partners and the Educational Cooperation Foundation.

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Проектът „Кохезионна политика на ЕС в България - Vox populi“ е финасиран от ЕС чрез Главна дирекция „Регионална и селищна политика“ с договор...

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