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As part of the Inn2Diversity project we piloted a mentoring programme

We are extremely happy to have the opportunity to work in a consortium with 8 organisations from a total of 6 European countries. We are united and working on two important common goals: to strengthen teachers' competences to deal with the complex reality of the classroom and to create a mentoring model that supports the whole educational process.

So far in the project we have already developed several intellectual products, and this weekend we had the opportunity to present (pilot) the created mentoring curriculum for coordinators and mentors in Bulgaria. With it, schools will be able to replicate the mentoring process and implement it in their daily school life. Trainees (teachers with learning and teaching management difficulties) will have the opportunity to share their difficulties with an experienced person (a teacher acting as a mentor), and a coordinator will ensure the success of their professional relationship. Mentors will guide their mentees through instruction for teaching effectiveness, increasing not only their job satisfaction, but also improving school enrollment of disadvantaged students as well as increasing success in education and inclusive environments.

The training course curriculum is designed to be delivered to both coordinators and mentors. It consists of a total of 6 modules, one of which focuses on coordinator training only:

Module 1: Introduction to Mentoring

Module 2: Communication

Module 3: Emotional Intelligence

Module 4: Conflict Management and Resilience

Module 5: Group Management (for coordinators only)

Module 6: Providing mentoring and implementing the model

Piloting the designed programme gives teachers the opportunity to test and give their feedback on each of its modules. In parallel, similar piloting has been organised in our partner countries Finland, UK, Portugal, Spain and Romania. We are going to combine the feedback of each of the project partners to improve the programme.

We hope to be able to make the full programme available to you shortly.

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