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Second edition of Storytelling camp 2019

Second edition of Storytelling camp 2019, organized by Фондация "Образователно сътрудничество" within the project “EU Cohesion Policy in Bulgaria - Vox Populi”. The event was addressed to students in Journalism, PR, European Studies and similar majors. Storytelling experts conducted workshops to uncover the secrets of creating exciting stories. All participants received a certificate for the course. An important advice for great storytelling from our special guest and trainer- Gary Hills, member of the IPRA community, trainer, speaker and exclusive coach: "Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them"

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Лого на ЕС

Проектът „Кохезионна политика на ЕС в България - Vox populi“ е финасиран от ЕС чрез Главна дирекция „Регионална и селищна политика“ с договор...

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