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EU Cohesion policy in Bulgaria - Vox populi

Лого на ЕС

The project EU Cohesion policy in Bulgaria - Vox populi aims at promoting the role of EU Cohesion policy for the sustainable development of all Bulgarian regions and to encourage civic participation in Bulgaria on issues concerning further EU cohesion policy development. It focuses on telling personal stories rather than financial facts and figures. Through general audience engagement in smart outreach campaign, the project drives recognition of EU Cohesion policy impact on everyday level and encourage civic participation.

The project approach is innovative. It leads to evolution of the communication landscape and brings added value to existing informational measures and initiatives on EU Cohesion policy in Bulgaria.

The planned outreach campaign combines traditional PR technics with social media strategy in order to reach the planned target audience - 4 million in BG and 7 million in other EU countries or 11 million in total.