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Teachers' trainings

"Coaching in the classroom"

ECF has extensive experience in developing methodologies and providing teachers’ trainings.

Since 2016 ECF team provides short trainings to teachers in different schools in Bulgaria. The teachers' training program on coaching skills developed by ECF is approved by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and listed at the Ministry platform as a training program for teachers qualifications credits acquisition. The training program is 4 days and it is designed mainly to address teachers needs on how to deal with difficult students endangered of dropping-out of school.

ECF has developed also a training manual to assist teachers who work in a multi-ethnic environment. The methodology and training were piloted and implemented in Bulgarian schools with mixed ethnic composition.

Foundation’s ream provides also trainings on Project Development and Management for schools, Mentoring Skills in School- Creating and Managing Mutual Support Groups for Effective Problem Solving, Emotional intelligence focused on dealing with aggression, difficult emotions and stress in the classroom etc.

Training of external inspectors of the National Inspectorate of Education


Спечели тридневно посещение на Брюксел и Европейския парламент през март 2020г.

Training of external inspectors of the National Inspectorate of Education

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